Tuesday 18 August 2009



I have literally hundreds of documents on the Dunblane Affair.

I shall include details of Lord Cullen's corruption of the Public Inquiry and his unlawfull concealment of some 26 shelf feet of documentary evidence pertinent to the Inquiry.

Copies of correspondence exposing the abuse of children, institutional sexual abuse of children, the death of Thomas Hamilton and so very much more - including the Formal Complaint to Central Scotland Police, regarding allegations of sexual and physical abuse of children at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane between 1989 and 1992.

Due to the difficulty of presenting so much material for scrutiny I shall load up material where possible based on the date of that material.

This will also involve linking to a document site as to load 175 page books and similar length reports would prove difficult on this blog system.

ALL postings will be listed as having been posted by 'Dunblane' unless the poster wishes to add supplimentary details.

I hope this is of help in understanding the institutionalised form of child abuse amongts an establishment elite in Scotland.

I shall also address matters such as The Spec. (The Speculative Society of Edinburgh) and the involvement of such individuals as Gordon Brown, Geoffrey Rippon, Robertson the local MP etc. etc. in terms of the many allegations and where available together with both provenance and speculative connections.

It is interesting to remember that Thomas Hamilton killed those 16 children and their teacher on 13-Mar-1996 and also there was the death of Thomas Hamilton but at whose hand is still far from clear.

10 years ago in November Lord Burton requested, as Hansard will show, that the report of Sergeant Hughes to Lord Cullen's Inquiry be placed in the House of Lords' Library but it became clear that their Lordships were willing to collude in the corruption of the inquiry primarily orchestrated in the most dishonest manner by Lord Cullen totally corrupting the due process of Justice.

Just who was Lord Cullen protecting by unlawfully hiding evidence?

Let us hope that by adding our own small glimmer of light with the fresh air of honest intent will expose the dishonesty of Lord Cullen's corrupted Inquiry was.

IF you have material available on the matter by all means contact me personally and my details are readily available if you CLICK HERE

Thank you for your help, your patience as I try to get the info. loaded and also your support in trying to expose the truth.

Greg L-W.

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